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"Banks, financial institutions in this region have definitely embraced the technology upsurge, and I am very excited that we can now provide them with the best-of-breed decision technologies and services they require to effectively grow their businesses." Daniel Dib, Founder and Managing Director of Cadmus International

Cadmus International is the representative of FICO Corporation (NYSE: FIC) in the middle east & north Africa region. FICO is the leading provider of decision management solutions powered by advanced analytics. FICO solutions make mission critical business decisions that are more precise, consistent and agile.
Thousands of companies in more than 60 countries use FICO technology to acquire customers more efficiently, increase customer value and retention, reduce fraud and credit losses, lower operating costs and enter new markets more profitably in the middle-east and North-Africa region.

FICO was founded in 1956 on the premise that data, used intelligently, can improve business decisions. Today, the company's solutions, software and consulting services power more than 180 billion smarter business decisions each year for companies worldwide.

Most leading banks and credit card issuers rely on FICO solutions, as do insurers, retailers, telecommunications providers, healthcare organisations and government agencies. Through the website, consumers use the company's FICOŽ scores, the standard measure of credit risk, to manage their financial health.

FICO creates analytic solutions that automate and improve decision strategies. These solutions include analytics such as predictive models and strategy optimisation that guide decision strategies; data management and data analysis services that bring complete customer information to every decision; and decision management systems that implement decision strategies in a real-time environment for faster, more consistent and more accurate decisions. FICO also provides tools and services that help businesses develop and deploy their own systems for enterprise decision management.

FICO works with more than 3,000 businesses worldwide in over 30 countries, and our technology serves thousands more through our partnerships. We serve global markets through offices in nine countries.
FICO clients include:
Nine of the top 10 companies in the Fortune 500
99 of the top 100 US banks and half of the top 50 banks in the world
9 of the top 10 UK banks
Top 9 Banks in Saudi Arabia
More than 400 personal and commercial lines insurers in North America and Europe, including 9 of the top 10 US personal lines insurers
150+ retailers
100+ telecommunications providers worldwide, including 8 of the top 10 US wireline telecom carriers and the top 10 US wireless providers
80+ government and public agencies
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